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Sound Bath With Mae
  • Sound Bath With Mae

    Enter deep relaxation and fall asleep with a gentle hypnotic voice, healing frequencies and vibrations for a complete energetic reset. This beautifully curated soundscape experience helps promote relaxation, ease anxiety and stress, and improve sleep quality. This experience is for two people, in a private session.


    Mae will guide you through a 15-minute guided meditation, followed by a 40-minute healing soundscape with Tibetan full moon singing bowls. Experience a subtle energetic shift in your body from within, your mind drifting into a meditative state and your worries dissipating as you are enveloped by the soothing frequencies and vibrations.


      • 2 person healing sound bath

      • Candlelit

      • Duration: 60mins

      • Location: Yoga In Common, 22 Petain Road

      • Yoga mats, blankets and cushions provided

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